Friday, July 9, 2010

Odor Grabber Diaper Pail Refill Review

Saw these at Walmart a few weeks ago and thought it was great!  An off brand bag to put in my diaper genie to save money!  I was all for it and excited to try it out since it was $1 cheaper than the diaper genie refill.  I was severely disappointed.  This was not a continuous bag like the genie refills but instead was 10 individual bags that you put on with a plastic ring that is included in the pack. 

I found the ring easy to use and the concept worked as well as the genie brand as far as odor and cleanliness go.  I found that the bags were too big for me to use up in a week though.  So, I was throwing away an entire bag with only a few diapers at the bottom and it seemed like such a waste.  The genie bags let you tear it off right at the top of whatever fill you have so that none is wasted. 

The Odor grabber claims that it has a diaper capacity of 300 and I can't confirm or deny their claim on that . . . but . . . who wants to leave the diapers in the pail until the bags are COMPLETELY full?  Not me!  On trash day, my diapers go out NO EXCEPTION!!  For this reason, I won't buy Odor grabber again.  When trash day comes around I can't justify throwing away a half used bag and I also can't keep diapers in my house longer than a week just to use up a bag.  Yick.

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