Monday, April 25, 2011

FREE Batteries after "rewards card" at Office Depot

If you go through batteries the way we do at our house you might want to look into the "worklife rewards" deal at Office Depot this week.  Check out the deals here

The way it works is this.  You buy the 10 pack of batteries at full price between April 24 and May 7, 2011 using a worklife rewards card.  If you don't have a card you can sign up in store or hereThen, at the end of the quarter (every 3 months or so) you will receive a rewards card in the mail (or on e-mail if you prefer) which is just like an Office Depot giftcard and can be used on any other purchase (usually use ours for ink). 

We have been a member of this program for about a year and have literally gotten all our batteries over the last year from here.  They run the deal about 3-4 times a year and we always get the maximum amount allowed (then turn around and use the giftcards for printer ink or other office products--depending on what we need when the cards come in). 

If you are disciplined enough to buy only the ones on the deal and you be sure and watch expiration dates on your "giftcard" when it comes in this is a GREAT deal for you and will save you a lot of money on batteries!  We are well stocked right now or I'd be joining you!  Thanks moneysavingmom for the heads up about this weeks deal-evidently I missed it in the ad.

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