Monday, August 8, 2011

Walmart Coupon Policy Test Market

Friends tell me that Walmart in Vienna, WV-South Parkersburg, WV-and Ripley, WV (NOT the Marietta, OH store) are doing a trial run of offering double coupons.  I found some of the guidelines online and they are AMAZING!!!!  We are NEVER in a test market for ANYTHING so this is so exciting to me.

Not sure how long this trial will last but if you couple that with their price matching policy you should be able to score some GREAT deals at Walmart.  If I work out any amazing ones (or find anyone else doing it) I'll let you know.

1. They are doubling all MFG (ONLY) coupons up to $.99. That means $.75 is worth $1.50.

2. They are price matching and using double coupons for the same item

3. You must present each coupon with the item you are buying as they are doubling manually and must adjust the individual item, they cannot adjust the total.

I have a friend who works in one of the stores and I'm waiting on her to confirm it all (I have not been to confirm myself) but I know people who have tried it and it works like a charm.  This is GREAT for us coupon lovers and should make for some FANTASTIC deals!!

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