Tuesday, October 4, 2011

McDonalds Tricks and Treats Coupons are back!

For $1 you can buy one of these coupon books from McDonalds right now.  I have confirmed that they are on sale at all the McDonalds in Marietta--not sure about the others.  They may not be at every location.  They have three of each of the coupons shown for a total of 12 coupons.  If you are a frequent McD visitor with your kids or if you know some kids who would be then this is a nice little gift to have on hand.  Or, make your house the place to be on trick or treat night and hand these out.  At $1 for 12 it's a GREAT deal to have on hand for those quick drive through nights. 

Coupons are (Free apple slices, FREE apple juice or milk, FREE small cone, FREE Hamburger) Three of each of those listed for a total of 12.

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  1. Also confirmed that McDonalds in Walmart Marietta has them as well.