Monday, January 9, 2012

Columbus Zoo FREE admission on Monday

Columbus Zoo is celebrating FREE admission on Monday, January 16th in honor of Martain Luther King Jr. Day.  If you have never been to this zoo (rated #1 zoo in America!) you HAVE to try it and what better day than FREE admission day?  Don't miss the polar bears, our favorite!

Hours are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Check out the official announcement here or go to the zoo's website here.  Can't make it this time?  Mark your calandar for Feb. 20 (Presidents Day) when they will again offer FREE admission.

(I see nothing about free parking so be prepared to pay about $5 for parking when you get there)


  1. So does this mean you are coming???? I'll pay! ;)

  2. I thought you said we could come ANYTIME and you would pay. :-) LOL

  3. Wish I didn't work...hoping for the 20th of February though!

  4. Too bad you have to work, we could all meet up and go!

    @Mountain Momma - I did say that... and it's still true!! :)