Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walmart Coupon Policy

Walmart just started a new coupon policy-read the entire thing here.  Most of it is pretty standard coupon language but a few things are pretty unique to Walmart.

1. they accept Internet printable coupons (if it says manufactures coupon at the top)
2. they accept competitors coupons with a specific price listed for an item (Rite Aid OFTEN has these in their ad)
3. they accept competitors checkout coupons (you know those ones that print with your receipt at Kroger and Giant Eagle) with a bar code and if it says manufactures coupon at the top
4.  Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.  (this is a big one for me!!-with the right coupon you can actually MAKE money taking things from the store)

1.  they do NOT accept Internet printable free coupons (you can occasionally get these to print from company websites when they are unveiling a new product)  This is bad news since only walmart in this area is usually on the cutting edge and has these new products in stock before the coupon expires.

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