Monday, June 13, 2011

House party

Houseparty is a new way to promote products through in home entertainment.  It's a GREAT system.  A company contacts House Party and offers to send out hundreds of free product for YOU the consumer to promote for them.  Free stuff for you in exchange for you telling your friends how amazing it is.  I have won the rights to host two of these parties now and my aunt has also done two of them so I know it's all legit.  Totally worth the few minutes you spend applying for the opportunity.  Just go here to browse the parties available and check back often as they are added almost weekly.

My most recent party was an Expo Washable Marker Party.  They sent me all of this in the mail . . . enough for I think 18 kids Plus a bonus larger board for us to keep as the host of the party.

and I was able to host TWO parties with it all.  One with the kids at church where we used them to play a Bible Trivia game, and a second on our family vacation where all the kids made drawings and creations during a rainy day at the beach.  It's so fun to have stuff to give away and to watch those who receive it enjoy it so much! 

My last opportunity was a get fit party and I won a fitness Wii game and 30 new Jello Temptations to give to my friends to try.  You absolutely should give it a try . . . you won't get every opportunity (I've probably applied 10 times) but when you do get one it's SO worth it!

Hosting Hint!  They send out more "you have been chosen to host" e-mails than they have kits.  You need to give an e-mail account you check often.  Once you have been chosen to host you MUST be one of the first people to respond and agree to do it.  My sister was chosen but checked her e-mail 3 days too late and didn't get to host.

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