Tuesday, June 28, 2011

V Smile Motion Product Revew

We recently purchased this V-Smile Motion for our 3 year old son and we couldn't be more pleased with it.  It is strong quality materials and takes a beating and still hangs in there.  We especially love that the game it comes with (and I believe all the other games too) is educational and that my son can play it without much help.  The controller is easily modified for left or right handed children and can be used as a movement controller (similar to a Wii controller) or as a traditional joystick controller (my son's favorite way to use it).  The controller is completely wireless so no cords to get tangled or messed up.

An even cooler feature if you have several young children is that they can play head to head with each other with this system.  All you need is another wireless controller and your kids can play against each other live on the screen.  I don't think many children's gaming system's allow for that type of play.

The V-Smile Motion does not come with the plug in adaptor (although it is available separately) but since it does run by battery we were able to plug it into our car recently on a long trip so my son could play games on the TV built into the van.  I am not a big fan of video games for kids .  .  . but this one is so educational, that used in moderation (like on long car trips) I think it will continue to be a great addition to the toys in my home.  The graphics are NOT good . . . not anywhere near the Wii graphics my husband and I use . . . but for a 3 year old with his first gaming system it's been just fine.

If you are looking for a video game system for your 3-5 year old child I highly recommend this toy.  It has not gotten great reviews online but my son has used and ABUSED his and it's still doing just fine and we are enjoying it often.  I can't wait to try out some new games.  slight disclaimer, we have never used any other gaming system with my child so while we do LOVE this system, we have not at this point ever used another system made for 3 year olds.

The system retails for about $40 at most stores.  I recently found that one of the Walmarts in town was clearing the shelves of this product so it was actually marked down to $29.99 and the games were only $9.99 so you might check your local store to see if they have theirs on sale.

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