Friday, May 21, 2010

Blockbuster in Vienna, WV going out of business sale

Blockbuster in Vienna, WV is going out of business and is selling all their inventory.  All pre-viewed DVD's are selling for $9.99 or less and I believe the NEW never opened ones were about $12.  All games are priced individually but were at least 10% off their normal purchase price for a used game.  They also had series of DVD's bundled together for about $20 (all the LOST season 1 DVD's for example).  We were able to get a kids previewed DVD for $2.19 yesterday! 

The manager said the Vienna store would NOT be reopening but that the South Parkersburg store and the Belpre store would remain open.  He also told me that the DVD's and games would continue to drop in price for the next two weeks.  Given the number of people shopping with me yesterday I doubt there will be anything left by that point though.

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