Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Online Coupons worth printing

Here are some coupons worth printing if you have not already.  I hope you have your printer's default to print in black and white . . . stores will take them either way and this will save on your colored ink bill.

Log in here and on your first visit you can get a $3 off any 1 Chef's Requested meat coupon.  I used this coupon to get two bacon wrapped steaks for less than $1 a few weeks ago at Walmart. (thanks

Head over here for two different $3 off any one Huggies coupon.  You may have to scroll through several pages to find it.  Paired with a sale, these will make for GREAT deals on name brand diapers.  (HINTS:  Each coupon can be printed twice-after your first print they will be found on the last page--don't get carried away on this site printing coupons, many are good coupons for items that are overly expensive so don't print something you may not need and waste your ink)
Also at the site here, consider printing this coupon for $1 off two Oscar Meyer lunchmeats.  These were on roll-back at the Marietta, OH store for $2 yesterday.  That would make them $1.50 each for lunchmeat which is really not a bad price in my price book.  (if you printed the Oscar Meyer coupons I mentioned last time for $2 off any one-which are no longer available to print-you could redeem them today for FREE lunchmeat)

Also, while you are there, consider printing off the coupon for $1 off any 2 Oscar Meyer hotdogs.  Hotdogs usually go on sale the week before or the week of Memorial Day so save those for next week and hopefully they will result in free or almost free hotdots.

Click here for a coupon for $1 off two Bar-S hotdogs.  These are reported to be priced at around $1 a pack at Walmart (although I couldn't find it at the Vienna, WV store) which would make for $0.50 pack of hotdogs-GREAT for grilling out with friends. (Thanks

Become a Dove insider here and you can print off two coupons.  $1.25 off any Dove Body Wash and $1.50 off any deoderant.  The deoderant coupon does NOT say that it can not be used on sample sizes so you should easily be able to find sample size Dove deoderant at Walmart or CVS to make this a free deoderant.

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