Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do it Herself workshop at Home Depot

Wish you had a green thumb but not sure how to start?  Sign up here to attend the Do-it-herself Eco-Friendly Gardening Workshop, Thursday, June 3rd 7-8:30 pm featuring Martha Stewart Living. 

It isn't real clear if you will actually come away with any gardening stuff but the event is free and you will at least come away with the knowledge of how to create your own garden in your own backyard.

Event will feature
1.  How to plant and maintain an edible garden

2.  Create raised garden beds that allow you to start with balanced soil, no matter what's underneath - even cement

3.  See the difference using rain barrels can make for your water usage

4.  Learn all about composting to create endless nutrient-rich fertilizer

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