Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blockbuster Express FREE movie codes

There is a new video rental system in town.  Blockbuster is headed the way of the Redbox and is now offering movies through a kiosk for $1 a day as well.  The system is easy to use but you must have a credit card or debit card to charge the movie to.  If you return the movie by 9:00 pm the day AFTER the rental then you will be charged only $1 (or nothing if you have a code).  Every day after that your credit card is charged $1 a day.  Also, like redbox, you can go to the website here and reserve the movie BEFORE you drive all the way to the kiosk, but be warned . . . your credit card is charged when you reserve it online so only do this if you actually plan to go pick it up.

To make the deal even sweeter.  You can get one movie a week free if you are a Speedy Rewards member and your Kiosk is located in front of a Speedway.  Simply make an instore purchase and it will print at the bottom of your receipt (as long as you scannned your card first) OR print one from the Speedy Rewards kiosk in the store (just click on the button to print your speedy points and it will print at the bottom of the receipt)  This code is good ONLY for you and ONLY on the day you print it but you can print one new code for a free movie a WEEK!

Try these free codes and see if you can't score a free rental to try it out.  Each code is good once PER credit card or debit card NOT once per customer.  This could keep you full with movies for quite a while.  :-)  It seems like this might be the only way to rent DVD's very soon as many of the stores are going out of business (see post here). 

Please note that often codes do not work for everyone.  I'm sorry about that but I have no way to know what will work for whom so I'll post them all.  Here are some to try.

GT14A(expires June 30, 2010)

For a Kiosk near you head over to their website here

In the Wood County Area you can find them at the Speedway in Marietta, Speedway on Murdoch Ave, Speedway on Pike St-Parkersburg, Speedway on 7th St. Parkersburg.

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