Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did you get the free Chicken?

Did you take advantage of the free Chicken sandwich sample I posted about here?  We did it last night and were quite impressed with Chick-fil-a.  We had a Spicy Chicken VIP table waiting for us.  We were not only given a free sandwich but free fries and large drink as well.  We were even waited on at our table as we ordered our son's kids meal and got refills.  We just got to the restaurant and sat down . . . we were waited on hand and foot after that.  Quite impressed with the entire event and saw four other tables of people taking advantage of the event as well while we were there.

The spicy chicken sandwich was WAY too spicy for my liking . . . I couldn't even finish it all.  My husband, however, loved it and said he will order it again when it is available to the public.  We were recommended to put some ranch dressing on it to cut the spice but neither of us tried that since we are not a fan of the dressing.  They also offered various cheeses to either spice up or tone down the sandwich.

One of the most fun and interesting free events we have ever attended.  We felt very important sitting at the special table and getting all that free food.  Did you redeem your free coupon?  What did you think?

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