Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drugstore/Grocery Store Flop--TARGET Deals!

It's really a bummer week at CVS, Rite Aide, Kroger and most of the local places this week.  I am taking a week off from shopping and saving my Extra Care Bucks and coupons for another week in hopes that it will get better next week.  If you have a Target, however. . . you are in luck!!  Check out all the deals that can be had at Target this week-she even has photos up of what she got!

In the meantime, if you are waiting, like me . . . I found a new facebook page for moms in the Mid-Ohio Valley looking for things to do.  Check out Moms Like Me - Things to do with your kids in the Mid-Ohio Valley on facebook.  Should be a little picture of a blue flower/star thing as the profile picture.  They seem to update a LOT with info on events and going's on if you are interested.

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