Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free after "rebate" batteries, printer labels and more

Office Depot has some free after "worklife rewards rebates" this week.  You will pay up front for each of these items and then receive an Office Depot reward card at the end of the quarter for a full refund of the item. 
1.  Become a worklife rewards member if you are not already.  Sign up here or in store.
2.  Take your card or card number and buy listed items.  Must earn at least $10 in the entire quarter so if you don't shop there often, I would buy at least $10 worth this week.
3.  Wait until end of rewards time period. (current one ends in June)
4.  Receive your Office Depot Reward Card, just like an Office Depot Gift Card. (will arrive in late August)
5.  Spend gift card like cash at Office Depot.

This week you can get 100% of purchase price back on these items (see back of Office Depot ad or online here)
$9.99-Letter and Legal Storage Totes
$9.99-Bankers Box 5 pack
$9.29-100pack Standard Photo paper
$7.29- Sharpie Liquid Highlighters 5 pack
$11.99-Compact Stapler
$1.19- Paper Clips box
$29.99-Letra Tag Handheld Labeler
$4.99- Natural Spring Water 20 pack
$7.99- Energizer AA/AAA Batteries
$4.99-Legal Writing Pads
$9.99- Liquid Rollerball pens
$25.99 White Printer Labels (3000 pack)
$9.29 Scotch Refills Tape 4 pack

We have had good success with this worklife rewards program before and have had no trouble using our rewards card on ink and other supplies we need.

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  1. Office Depot is out of the staplers but seem to have a good stock of everything else. The Storage Totes are multi colored and actually really nice. I was impressed!