Monday, April 5, 2010

Unadvertised K-Mart Super Double Coupons

K-mart is having super double coupons this week at most of their stores.  Check if your store is included on this list.  Both Parkersburg stores ARE participating but the rules are strict.

1. You MUST have a "Shop your way Rewards Card" available for free at the service counter or at Sears or online here.  GIVE THIS TO THE CASHIER before scanning your items.

2.  Coupons up to $2 will be doubled (making them worth $4 off)

3.  You can only use up to 5 coupons a day!

Many people are reporting that when they called their K-mart and asked they were told their store was NOT participating.  Others were told by a Cashier that they were not participating BUT . . .as long as you found your store listed on the official list, the cash registers were set to double as long as you follow the three steps above.  I took the risk today and all 5 of mine doubled perfectly.  I had two $2 coupons, two $1.50 coupons, and one $1 and they all doubled just fine with no conversation with the cashier at all.

See a list of potential free items here.  (I found that many of her prices were NOT the same as the prices at my store, but it's still a decent place to start).  I didn't get anything completely free because I found 5 coupons for things I actually needed to get this week so I had to skip the freebie stockpile for today.  Maybe another day.

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