Friday, April 16, 2010

Thomas the Train Play Date at Toys R Us

Thomas the Train Play Date will take place this Saturday, April 17th from 11am-1pm at all Toys R Us locations.  They will have storytime, games, trivia, special offers and coloring fun.  Click here for official information (page 5).

Disclaimer-we attended this event at the Parkersburg location last year and were very diappointed.  We did get a free train conductor hat, coloring book and some Thomas coupons but we were unimpressed.  They had a table set up just inside the door of Toys R Us with a book that you could read to your child, some crayons and coloring books, and some free hats.  There were no other kids there and no adults manning the table to encourage the kids or anything.  We are not huge Thomas fans so we were unimpressed.  Perhaps other Toys R us do a better playdate?  Or maybe if we really loved Thomas we would be really excited about the free stuff . . . I doubt we will make the extra trip this year . . . might be good for true Thomas fans or anyone who happens to be out and near their Toys R Us this weekend.

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