Saturday, March 13, 2010

Curves and Yoga DVD

In an effort to be more physically fit I am trying several new ways of working out. I find that if I have something that I enjoy I seem to do much better at being faithful in my workouts. I thought I'd keep a little journal here of the things I try and what I think of them for your reading pleasure. (because I'm sure you have nothing better to do than read about my workouts). Plus, it will help me have a reference point in six months when I have forgotten what I liked and didn't like about each thing.

 I just recently tried a 30 day membership at Curves for Women that a friend gave me as part of a promotional deal. I thought I'd do a brief review on here for anyone who (like me) wanted to know what it is all about. Curves is a predesigned workout routine that you do in a 30 minute time segment each time you go to the gym. It takes 30 seconds on each machine, two times around the room for a total of a 30 minute workout (plus stretching at the end). Every 30 seconds a voice comes over the intercom system telling you to switch machines. It is an all women's place so no men allowed. There are women of all ages, shapes and sizes so it's not a bit intimidating and if you are a chatter . . . I can assure you that you will find at least one woman working out with you who will be willing to talk.

Overall I found the workout to be very challenging for my muscles but I don't think it didn't do a whole lot for my cardio. I was not tired at the end like after running on the treadmill but I will admit that my muscles felt like they had had a workout and I was often sore the day after working out. The workouts made me feel great and I honestly think it stretched muscles that have not been used in a while and opened up my entire body. Overall, my opinion is that this would be a must have workout for anyone who is pregnant or recovering from an injury and unable to do a harder workout. It would also be great for older people who have limitations that would keep them from jogging, playing tennis, riding a bike . . .

If it were not so expensive, I might use it as my weight training to strengthen my muscles while doing cardio on the side because it did make me feel really good and my muscles were glad to be worked and stretched. I found that the cost was quite high ($99 first time fee and then $41 a month) and that for that fee my entire family can get a YMCA membership with pool access. I just can not justify spending that much money on myself alone when my entire family could benefit.

On a totally different topic. I am not at all a germaphobic person but I found the entire thing to be quite disgusting. You simply move on to the next machine every 30 seconds. No wiping anything off, no time to clean up after yourself . . . if you got on the circuit behind a sweaty woman you were in trouble. YUCK!!!

To their credit, Curves has a newer program called Curves Smart which seems really cool. The entire time you are on the machines a digital personal trainer (a green light) tells you if you are working hard enough or which of your muscles need more repetitions. At the end of each workout you log onto a computer and it shows you a map of every muscle in your body and which ones are not strong enough and which ones are pulling all the weight. I think that would be really motivating and interesting. I was not able to test this program so I can not attest to whether it changes my overall opinion or not.

I will not be going back. Too expensive to spend on only myself for half of my workout.  Are you a member?  What do you think of Curves?

Check out their website for more information.


I won a giveaway in the All You magazine a couple months ago and I won a Yoga DVD. Do any of you practice Yoga? I mean seriously, is my body supposed to be able to do that? I couldn't hold one pose let alone all the deep breathing she was telling me to do while I was holding myself in an upside down pretzel . . . Then she is telling me to focus on my inner core . . . what? My inner core is now turned upside down and is somewhere between my outer shell and my fat rolls . . . nope, Yoga is out for me . . . garage sale box has just inherited a yoga DVD.

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