Friday, March 19, 2010

Host a Party for free with your Mom friends

House Party is a company that hires people to hold party's in their home to promote a new product and get the word out about it.  I was chosen to host one a few months back and it is super easy and you get lots of great free stuff in order to host your party.  This one is for a mom's pizza party.
Host a Red Baron™ Moms House Party!

If selected to host this pizza and pasta party, you'll invite over all the busy moms in your life on May 8th, 2010, to your very own pizzeria — in your own kitchen! You and your guests will enjoy the ultimate girls' night in, while you taste test all-new pizzeria-style Red Baron® Pan pizzas and Pan pastas.

As a host, you'll receive a generous party pack with all the pizza and pasta party tools, you'll need to treat all your Red Baron® Moms to a fabulous (and delicious) night off.

Sign up here if you are interested . . . this company is legit and sends you quality stuff if you are chosen.  Oh, and be sure and invite me if you win!  :-)

Pizza and mom's not your idea of a fun party?  Check out the House Party Website here to see what events are coming up that you might be more willing to host. 

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  1. I love Houseparty. I have been registered for a little over a year and I have gotten Splenda, Arm and Hammer Green Clean, and a Clariol Houseparty's. After you get your first Houseparty you'll be addicted to the