Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sams Club Free Sample Event

EDIT--While you are there, check out philly swirl Sweet 16 ice cream treats--Go to PhillySwirl on facebook and click on the notes tab for instructions on how to get a complete rebate on the purchase price of these!!!!

This is one of our families favorite frugal Saturday activities (I know, we are strange).  We visit our local Sams club (which you must be a member of) and try the samples.  We find that our 2 year old (and myself for that matter) are willing to try lots of new things when they are being offered to you in bite sized samples. 

On Friday and Saturday, March 26- 27 they will be having their "Catch the Game Grilling Event" with an extra large number of samples all based around the grilling theme.  Taste some new things, get recipie cards for great grilling foods, and maybe come home with some deals as well!  The event will go from 11:00 AM-7:00 PM at most Sams Club locations. 

My advice is go early if you want to try lots of stuff because each booth will close early if they run out of samples BUT, we have gotten there late and scored TONS of extra freebies (like a whole bottle of Gatoraide for each of us) when they have a certain number to give away and not enough interest.  Click here for official info.

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  1. On a positive note . . . the Vienna store still has TONS of Philly Swirl ice pops that you can get in on . . . the negative . . . the samples were very slim tonight . . . at least it wasn't an entirely wasted trip.