Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treasure Hunters Roadshow comes to Parkersburg

Starting TODAY Treasure Hunters Roadshow will be at the Comfort Inn in Parkersburg.  They will be set up there until Saturday.  This is a free event Tuesday-Friday from 9AM-6PM and Saturday from 9AM-4PM.  If you have antiques, gold, silver, guitars, coins or any other collectible you think might be worth some money bring it over and get a quote.  Sounds like one of those TV shows where someone comes in with something they bought at a yardsale and it's worth hundreds now.  :-)

Here are the details.
1. No appointment necessary
2. The item you bring is put into a collectors database and an offer is made to you on the spot.
3. If you decide to accept the offer you are paid right then and you leave your item to be shipped to the collector at their expense.
4. Entire process takes only a few minuts.

see http://www.treasurehuntersroadshow.com/ for more details

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