Monday, March 29, 2010

Toys R Us Deals 3/28-3/3

I am not normally going to post Toys R Us deals here but these are too good to pass up this week. 

Fisher Price Toys are Buy one Get one (under 24.99) FREE
--I hope to get the bike pictured above for my son for Easter and then buy him something else to save for his birthday.

Hasbro Games-Spend $20 get a $5 gift card
+ rebate forms can be found in the store for $2-$3 off each game (up to three)
+ coupons are available here for many of the games.
My plan for this deal is as follows

Operation $8.99
-$5 coupon
-$3 rebate

Connect 4 $8.99
-$4 coupon
-$3 rebate

Cootie $4.99
-$2 rebate

Total cost for 3 games-$5.97 and then get a $5 gift card (can be used as early as 6 hours later)

My plan is to do the game deal tonight and the Fisher Price one tomorrow so I can use my giftcard toward the bike!  I hope it works out as planned-I'll let you know in the comments after I get back.

See other deal ideas for the games here and a complete list of games in the sale here.


  1. Worked like a charm! We got such great deals at Toys R Us tonight! To make the above deal even better . . . we decided to try and use the giftcard in a second transaction and it worked!! No reason to wait 6 hours. Do the game deal first and then in another order use the giftcard on the Buy one Get one deal!!

  2. that is cool! And I think I can use my Baby r us gift cards at toys r us making stuff free :)

  3. So here is what I did....
    Connect 4 8.99
    -4.00 coupon
    -3.00 rebate

    Candyland 4.99
    -2.00 rebate

    Hungry Hungry Hippos 12.99
    -3.00 rebate

    Total=14.97+2.00 tax=$16.97
    Paid with gift cards $13
    Received $5 gift card back

    Total total cost= I made a $1 :)

    And I did buy $2 worth of $1 toys for Lizzie to play with while we were in the store! She was occupied with the truck and the motorcycle, she was easier to keep from the other toys!

  4. Looks great Nicole!! I love getting good deals like this!