Monday, March 15, 2010

K Mart Clearance Winter/Fall clothes $3.99

See the little yellow triangle in the top right corner of this ad?  Says all their winter clearance stuff will be on sale for $3.99.  Time to stock up for next winter!  I stopped by the Vienna K-Mart today and I was actually impressed with the amount of stuff lowered to this price.  Womens flannel pajamas, kids sweatshirts, womens shirts, MENS SWEATERS! . . . seemed to be clothing in all sizes and lots of options.  Keep your eyes open though, the stuff is not all together and is not all in the center aisles--you have to really search to find all of it.  The sale does NOT include winter coats or shoes though but those are marked down (looked like $9.99 and above) but I didn't see a great selection of these type items at the Vienna store.  If you go to a different K-Mart post a comment and let me know what deals you found so others can head to the store that benefits them most.  This ad/these prices seem to be across the entire state of WV click here to see if your store is included.

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